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“Rosé” holiday apartment

Enjoy your holiday far away from the stress of daily life. Our holiday apartments are well-equipped and energised according to Feng Shui standards, allowing you the ideal setting to relax and recharge your batteries.

Equipped with satellite TV, radio with CD player, dishwasher, microwave and balcony or patio. Cots and highchairs are available for every apartment. The “Lavendel” holiday apartment also has a bath tub. A communal washing machine is also available.

In the Rosé holiday apartment it is particularly easy to concentrate on what is important to you and to be looked after.
Enjoy the lovingly decorated rooms and charming beauty in a natural atmosphere!


2 room apartment (integrated kitchen), 55m2 with roofed balcony, for 1 to 4 people

Prices (per apartment, incl. resort tax)

 2 people4 people
From 5 nights56,- €68,- €
From 4 nights64,- €78,- €
From 3 nights73,- €88,- €
From 2 nights80,- €98,- €
One night80,- €104,- €
  • Each additional person: 10,- €
  • Dogs: 4,- €
  • Washing machine: 3,- €

Light-Room: Energetic work fulfilled with love

Experience a unique and loving embrace from light and energy during your stay and make use of my long lasting experience as an energy practitioner. Reenergise your life in the endless stream of power of life.
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